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Jean-Paul Four's bio

Jean Paul Four is a French photographer living in the city of Lyon who's been working in the industry since 1978. He's done advertising, fashion, glamour, commercial, and artistic work. It is his personal work that really drives him though. It's where he feels totally in command, artistically speaking, and can work to his standards of sensuality and eroticism. Jean Paul says he prefers working with non-professionals now, feeling they provide a deeper, more emotional commitment. He must have amazing friends and acquaintances, because his models are all very beautiful and they lend themselves perfectly to his style of photography. It's a very sensual body of work and is quite startling in its powerful sense of Eros.

" In those 20 years I've been doing nude photography, the goal has been a touch of sensuality, eroticism, esthetic and femininity... Everytime, I have prefered to work with a non professionnal mode - sometimes with friends, or women I meet in different situations; I think it's better for the emotional attitude. "

Jean Paul Four est un photographe français, travaillant à Lyon. Après des études d'arts appliqués, option design, il travaille quelques temps dans un bureau d'architecture intérieure. Ce qui lui permet d'appréhender avec rigueur les notions de décor et d'espace. Parallèlement, il s'exprime au travers de la peinture et de la gravure, puis très rapidement son besoin d'images se tourne naturellement vers la photographie. Il commence par photographier sa femme, les amies de sa femme, puis des modèles; ce qui l'amène petit à petit à vouloir en faire son métier. En 1980 il crée sa propre entreprise, après une courte association dans Créa 21, agence de communication et de design. Photographe de mode et de publicité, il développe en même temps, une recherche esthétique et artistique autour du nu féminin.

Words from some people ...

It is said that his images are "typical French", some love him for his "back-shots", some say he found exactly the way between art and pornography ... just enter his website through this door and find out by yourself.

Jean-Paul is French. He knows and express entirely what he likes. Personnally, I can find in his work, the perfume of my school boy memories when I was in love to all women in the world.

Fleshbot write:
"The work of French master erotic photographer Jean Paul Four occupies that space between high art and hot smut we love exploring so much here at Fleshbot�not many artists could make a carefully lit shot of a gorgeous spread-eagled model squirting all over herself look like something you'd find on the wall of a fancy fine art gallery somewhere, even if the subject matter is straight out of "She's Got Gush #47". If anyone happens to be looking over your shoulder while you're peruing his sample galleries, just tell them you're doing a little art historical research. After all, if Picasso were alive today, we're sure he'd be doing lots of creative things featuring butt plugs as well."

Jane duval write:
"French photographer Jean Paul Four has designed an absolutely luscious website here, featuring his fine art fetish and bondage photography. The free area of the site has several samples of his work, which I found both highly erotic and visually stunning. He also has free guest galleries of several of his favorite photographers and a page of free high-resolution desktop wallpaper files. There was a link to an interview with him, sadly my French is lacking and there was no translation. Inside you'll find a member page with a small thumbnail for each series - mouseover it and you'll get a text description with model name, number of galleries, and sometimes a description of the type of shoot. The gallery images are set out slideshow format, with easy navigation back to the main model page and the index page. The photos are very elegant, even when they're explicit. You'll find all sorts of fetish content represented, from a couple of gasmask shoots to peeing to medical play, but most of the content revolves around bondage and very submissive poses. I do wish the images were larger, but they are the same as in the preview. It's not often that I find explicit bondage content that manages to be arousing, artistic and still leave plenty to the imagination."

" De l'avis de quelques unes, les photos de Jean Paul Four dégagent de l 'émotion, une aura d'érotisme subtil dans des lumières et décors toujours parfaitement maîtrisés. Il n'y a dans ces images aucune volonté de choquer, aucune provocation gratuite, aucune fausse pudeur. Les femmes qui viennent spontanément poser - dont certaines en quête d'identité, en quête de narcissisme - l'ont bien compris, et si elles ouvrent naturellement les jambes, c'est que Jean Paul Four photographie le sexe comme un portrait ! Et bien sûr, il sublime les fesses, magnifiques rondes, ouvertes, somptueuses ! Les femmes de Jean Paul Four sont comme des Amazones sûres de leur séduction, des soumises fières de leur condition et maîtresses de leurs fantasmes."

Photographe érotique, fétichiste des talons-aiguilles, Jean-Paul Four met en scène de fines femmes écartelées, dans des décors minimalistes : deux bougies, un tabouret et de la corde blanche ! C'est du fetish-chic, en noir et blanc élégant, assaisonné d'une pointe de sadisme très soft pour donner à l'image un petit côté incisif.

Many, many women want to be shoot by Jean-Paul Four, not only teens or professional model, but doctor, secretary, lawyer, house wife, charlady, nurse, business woman... they come from far to be on stage.
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